Company History:

CCIs corporate headquarters is at 38 Governor Street. Paterson, New Jersey. Our new location allows us to ramp up our team to meet the needs of our national clientele. CCI has been providing warewash service since the early 1980s. The organization came in response to industries demand for qualified and knowledgeable individuals who were solely dedicated to the installation and service of commercial warewash and janitorial dispensers. CCIs founders and leaders, Anthony Mariconda and James Barry (Serve-Safe Certified), have worked in the warewash industry for a total of 30 years.

Why CCI is the company you need:

CCIs has many competitive advantages that put us above our competition. We have thirty years of combined experience in our leadership grouped with an experienced work force who routinely performs installations, preventative maintenance visits, and emergency calls. These skills were honed over 30 years and give CCI a unique competitive advantage over our competition.

Whether it is a single installation or a roll out, CCI has the people in place to complete the job within the time period requested and has the testimonials of satisfied customers to prove it. CCI has the technology needed to automatically schedule semiannual preventative maintenance visits, as well as the people in place to perform the preventative maintenance visits. With our vast network of technicians, CCI can respond within 3 days from the time an emergency call is received.

How well qualified are CCIs people to help meet the needs of your company?

CCI has thirty years of combined experience in our leadership grouped with an experience work force, who routinely perform installations, preventative maintenance visits, and emergency calls, make CCI the best candidate to meet the needs of your company.

What are the key benefits of services provided by CCI?

CCI plans rollouts to make sure the best plan of action is taken, then provides install windows to allow the equipment to be built and shipped as required. This allows the customer to know when we will be installing and also reduces the amount of time the equipment is sitting on location.

With the experience of CCI, little time is lost in training and we are able to start the project without supervision.

There are even more benefits of services provide by CCI:
  • CCI values education and safety. 25% of CCI installers are currently Serv-Safe Certified, and that number is increasing everyday.
  • Eliminate risk of subcontractor vs. employee challenge. CCI is an LLC that does work for many companies, has employees and contractors, and in all tests meets the independent contractor requirements of the IRS.
  • If you want the job done right the first time with outstanding customer service, CCI is the choice for you.  |  Copyright 2005  |  All Rights Reserved