CCI Customer Testimonials:

Subject: Installs 

Just wanted to let CCI know how good my two installs looked yesterday. It’s the little things, but all items were straight, hung correctly, customers were happy. The stores where located in Fairfield, Ca., and San Ramon, CA.


Please pass this note of thanks to everyone on the third party install team. I want to extend a big Texas thank you for all the hard work they do to help the field sales team facilitate installs. All too often the little things done right go unnoticed, but I appreciate it and so does the South Central District.

The South Central District looks forward to working with your team to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.




Please pass along our sincere thanks and appreciation for an OUTSTANDING installation at the Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbin combo unit in Leesburg, VA which was completed on February 1 st.  We were doing site surveys and follow up training at that location yesterday and the installation was simply perfect to say the least!

Thanks again!

Jim and Tony,

As we come into the final 3 weeks of our current rollout with Starbuck’s, what can I say except THANK YOU!  This account has been a huge undertaking and CCI has stood right by our side every step of the way.  Our customer is elated at the current success of the rollout!  From the first piece meal shipments of parts that were sent in to your warehouse from our warehouse in Winston Salem, Texas Rubber and the printers – you were right there for us, assembling kits to go install those first few stores last summer in Manhattan.  The numerous conference calls we were all involved in while Starbuck’s re-wrote the installation protocol, the various trips and meetings you made to meet with Jim and Starbuck’s corporate in the stores of New York to work with them and help us, help our customer.  The list goes on and on.  As with any rollout of this magnitude we’ve hit a few “bumps” in the road, but in each instance CCI has taken the bull by the horns and found solutions!

Vendor is someone you buy things from, Partners are people who help your business grow – I feel whole heartedly that you are our Partners in every essence of the word!  Each job is reviewed to ensure we are going to receive the greatest results for the best pricing possible – as an example, during planning the current Osco Drug Store rollout Jill came back with the suggestion to overlay the routing of an installer working on another project (Starbucks) in that same desolate geography of the Dakota’s so that we would avoid any additional mileage costs due to the extreme driving distances involved, yet it made financial sense for both – your installer now had enough work in that area to make the trip and Kay avoiding additional costs.

CCI continues to help us lower our equipment costs by sending back unused equipment after large rollouts as well as housing equipment at your warehouse sent in by installers after smaller jobs until a pallet or two are full making it more cost effective to send a truck to pick up all at once versus having numerous installers shipping unused parts back to us numerous times throughout the month.  A HUGE step we have taken over the last several months in reducing overages of equipment in the field has come from the initial design by Jill of our new carstock ordering spreadsheets.  Jill came up with the spreadsheet design, we’ve added to it and now it is a tool she uses to survey what is needed against what, if any, stock the installers already have prior to rollout as well as I now use this same spreadsheet to place my carstock orders prior to rollouts.  If we are using 11 installers on a Dunkin Combo rollout rather than sending 11 carstock orders back and forth we now have 1 spreadsheet with everything on it for the entire rollout.  Our Equipment Center has complimented me on the new form as well citing how much time and energy it saves them as well in order processing.

I just wanted to take a minute to sit down and write out a sincere THANKS to the both of you and highlight some of the successes I have seen while working with everyone there at CCI, especially Jill, over the last 9 months!

Thanks again – have a good weekend!


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